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Workflow for writing a CPP test

We strongly recommend each developer to write CPP unit tests when sending a PR.

  • We use googletest as the CPP test infrastructure.
  • CPP tests should be added to the tests/cpp/ directory.

Build and run Taichi CPP tests#

# inside build/cmake .. -DTI_BUILD_TESTS=ON # ... other regular Taichi cmake argsmake
# run the CPP test./taichi_cpp_tests

On Windows, taichi_cpp_tests.exe will be placed inside the %TAICHI_REPO_DIR%\bin directory, so you can directly run it after adding the directory to PATH in Setting up Taichi for development.


Consider polishing the CPP test infrastructure:

  • Separate each translation unit into its own test executable
  • Have a unified script to control the execution of which set of tests

Adding a new test case#

Please follow Googletest Primer and Advanced googletest Topics.